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You cannot miss these two guides. Thought and Given to You with Care

“How to love your Shadow Side?”

This is a guidebook meant to inspire you to turn the negativity in your life into positivity by changing your perspective and learning how to reconnect with your deepest feelings so you can live every moment of your magical life to the fullest. It includes tipps and tricks how to use your Ghetto Tarot cards to do that.

It was written by Alice Smeets: “I want to share my experiences with honesty, talk about my ups and downs without restraint, tell you about my convictions and the connection to my intuition. I have gotten to love my shadow side and I would be happy if you would find out how to do the same!”

No catches, no tricks – just hit the download button and get it on your desktop now …



German Translation of your Ghetto Tarot Guidebook

Mit einem Klick kannst Du dir die Übersetzung des Ghetto Tarot Guidebooks auf Deutsch herunterladen.

Alice Smeets Photography

Alice Smeets is a photographer, artist, tarot reader and healing guide. She practices the art of living by following her bliss and trying out everything that comes along her way. She provides guidance for others to find their purpose in life and heal their wounds from the past.

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