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The Readings

Alice uses tarot to unveil your shadow aspects and guide you to find your bliss in life.

Combining the Tarot and shadow work, her focus is to identify blocks and work with you on a profound level to give you an insightful, empowering and illuminative reading that will help to transform your filters of perception and expose your potential.

The different Options

Fast and Powerful Quick Reading.

The perfect reading if you need quick guidance and clarity on a situation or question. Alice will use a four card spread to laser in on the situation so you can move forward quickly with a different perspective and greater options.

30 min reading. 45 Euro.

Shadow Side and inner blockage reading.

Through tarot and a series of intuitive questions, Alice will find your negative core beliefs and behavioral patterns that keep you stuck in life.

1 hour reading. 80 Euro.

What is my body trying to tell me?

Physical signs and symptoms are ways your body tries to alert you to deeper imbalances. Alice has designed a tarot spread to communicate with your body to find out the energetic blockages and mental patterns that cause the illness.
(The reading is not a substitute for medical advice)

1 hour reading. 80 Euro.

Follow your bliss-Life coaching.

With tarot and a series of intuitive questions, Alice will find out your inner blockages as well as your potential and life’s purpose. She will assist and guide you in making plans to make your dreams come true, overcome your blockages, move forward hand in hand with your fears and connect you more and more with your higher self.

4 x 1 hour reading (during a period of 1-2 months). 250 Euro.

Pet communication tarot.

What is your pet trying to communicate to you? Pet owner and pet are energetically deeply connected. Your pet is the perfect mirror of your inner self. Alice will use a animal communication spread to connect to your pet and make his/her message clearer.

45 min reading. 60 Euro.

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Q&A answered by Alice

Why tarot?

Tarot helps to see a situation from a different point of view. It triggers dialogue with the deeper self, and can energize the intuition and creative imagination so that inner states are more directly experienced. Tarot is especially useful either in determining how to proceed when we feel blocked or unclear about what the obstruction is, and how to bring about change.

Why shadow work?

A wonderful explanation by Teal Swan: “Shadow work is now a term used often in spiritual and psychology circles to describe any process (of which there are thousands) that makes the subconscious conscious. The more aware you are of your shadow, the more embodied you are as a conscious being. And no one ever reached enlightenment without confronting their shadow and exposing it to the light of consciousness. Ultimately, shadow work is bringing attention and love to those things that have been previously rejected. And so, if you ask me, shadow work is in fact the highest form of light work you can do.”

Where will we have the reading?

Usually it happens online. I travel a lot. If you happen to be in the same place as me, you can request a one-on-one session. In 2016 I plan to be in Belgium, Germany, England, Haiti, Peru and Portugal.

What can you expect from a reading?

You will prepare one question that is related to the present moment (I will not tell you about the future as I believe we are capable of changing the future in the present moment). I will first have a conversation with you about your life and your question. Then I will intuitively choose a tarot spread that fits your question, find out what in the inside is blocking you and give you tools and methods on how to break free from this blockages.


Who am I?

I am an artist, tarot reader, life coach, traveler, dancer and a born revolutionary. But most of all, I am the wounded healer. Carl Jung’s archetype of ‘The Wounded Healer’ originated with the Greek myth of Chiron who was physically wounded, and by way of overcoming the pain of his own wounds Chiron became the compassionate teacher of healing.

My spirit chose a difficult life-path, which made me suffer a lot in the past. But at the same time, my spirit equipped me with powerful intentions to find healing, follow my bliss, heal others while assisting in the creation of new paradigms in our society.

‘The Wounded Healer’ that Carl Jung was referring to, is the teacher who is able to self-empower others to trust themselves to the extent that they finally give themselves permission to feel that which has been too fearfully painful for the emotional body to cope with.

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Alice Smeets Photography

Alice Smeets is a photographer, artist, tarot reader and healing guide. She practices the art of living by following her bliss and trying out everything that comes along her way. She provides guidance for others to find their purpose in life and heal their wounds from the past.

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